Kuronue (bloody_pendant) wrote in yyh_rpg,

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((Yo, just thought I'd introduce myself. The name's Haru, I'm 15 years old and oh yeah I'm a guy. Hahah. Anyway, as obvious as it is I'm your roleplayer for Kuronue. If I screw up his entries or anything like that, sorry cuz he does only appear for a few seconds in the 2nd movie. Right now onto some other things=

I'm best friends with the Kurama roleplayer Azure. Looking at the entries, I think you guys call her Rekka? We've been friends for 12 years. -peace sign- I'm still relatively new to livejournal, the only reason I know how to operate this thing is because of Azu. If you go to my main journal (shadow_twilight) you'll see I've posted absolutely NOTHING. Hah. So anyway, nice to meetcha all. Ah...bye?))
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